Book Give-away for “Learning Libgdx Game Development”


Not that long ago we posted about the recently published book “Learning Libgdx Game Development“, written by Andreas Oehlke.

This might be your lucky day as you now can win a free copy of this book.

If you’re interested, just leave a comment and tell us - in a fancy way – why you’d like to get one.

Prizes to win:

3 x “Learning Libgdx Game Development” – Print Copy
5 x “Learning Libgdx Game Development” – eBook

On November 30, 2013 we will announce the lucky winners on this blog. So better be quick and take your chance now to get a free copy.

The winners will be determined by randomly picking users from the comments and receive either one print copy (shipping to EU/USA only) or eBook.

Good luck!


  1. Sammy says:

    I bought the ebook version. It will be more convenient to read a physical copy, so that I CAN make a great game that will sell million dollars. Thanks.

  2. Chris says:

    I have been learning LibGDX, and I must admit I wish there was a lot more well documented explanation.

    This book would definitely save me some time becoming well versed in libgdx.

    I wrote this while balancing on top of a ball, singing a song, and one handed typing while holding w/ the other hand. It was very fancy.

  3. Qsx says:

    I have to agree with Chris. LibGDX isn’t the easiest place to start developing Android games but that’s where I started and getting my hands on this book would help a lot.

    This was written in Guitar Hero style.
    While listening to rock and swinging my keyboard wildly around the room.

  4. Adil says:

    Hi there,

    I am a software developer. I am willing to leave behind this frustrating novice stage due to the lack of docs. Also excited about game development and particularly libGDX, this book, that surely I’ll befriend, will give me sight and will be my lifeline. 

    I hope I can get a free ebook. No doubt, a print copy needs a teleportation in order to make it to our dimension, Morocco.

    At Last, I want to thank you in the name of all game developers for the support you are giving to the open source community and particularly the libGDX framework.


  5. Hector says:

    I would like to start making games. I was looking for a book for newbies and almost all people speak with wonder about this book. So, I hope be lucky. Thanks.

  6. Mohamed Ezzat says:

    i searched for good framework for game development specially for android and after a lot of searching i found that libGdx is the best and better and open source too
    so i decided to be one of the most populated game developers around the world and i spend many hourse reading the documentation
    but i like to get the book to practice in more detailes and i’m the one of who like reading and learning from the books
    i wish to get the book so i will be very thankful for that
    thanks sir

  7. Cris says:

    I would to be happy to have a free copy of this book, so i could make the most mind-bendingly awesome game in the world. If i get this book, you have contributed to change the world ;)


  8. Miguel says:

    After being away from gamedev for the best part of 10 years I recently decided to go back, as a means to “scratch the itch” of creativity that you just can’t get to on your day job.

    I’m looking at engines that will allow me to develop for mobile as well as desktop, but that have behind them first-tier languages and IDEs. From my investigation Unity looks good with C# and LibGDX with Java, though I’m leaning more towards the latter because I much rather a “code-centric” approach than a GUI workflow one (I’m old-fashioned).

    It’s likely that I will buy the ebook before the end of the month, but I’d love to have a physical copy to read away from the computer (which is always distracting).



  9. Thanos says:

    So far I’ve been making android apps and pc sofrware but I’d really like to dive into the world of game development. I’m a huge fan of libgdx and this book is exactly what i need to get started.


  10. Ricardo says:

    I want to receive an ebook.
    I am java programmer, and I would like to learn libgdx.

  11. Marco says:

    Love to have a copy. Trying to get the most out of LIBGDX and any reference would help.

  12. Pablo says:

    Boy, getting hold of this book, in either paperback or ebook format, would probably change my life in ways yet unknown. See, it could be the perfect story for a new adventure game. But that cannot happen without the knowledge inside the book. Please release me from this endless loop.

  13. JohnJava says:

    Hey There!

    First of all, great Give-away! A friend and me started to think about a new game and we have a lot of ideas. We decided to develop it with the help of libgdx. But if I’m honest… we’ll have to learn a lot and a smart book could help us a lot I think!
    Thats it. Have a great day now!
    bye bye

  14. Normunds says:

    Hello, there!
    I read your sample about the book. I loved it and i wish to get it. This book inspired me to learn more and more, but i cant continue, because i can read only sample.
    My future is about programming games and this book can help me a lot to start working with my future goals!
    Thank you and wish everyone best luck!

  15. 0circle0 says:

    Programmed “Sprite Creator 3″ something that comes up on Google. I started programming it so that I could use it to make characters for a game. I would like to get into the graphics aspect but am having trouble finding a comprehensive book to help along the way.

  16. woofoow says:

    als armer Student ist es die einzige Möglichkeit für mich an dieses Buch zu kommen ;)

    Danke schon mal! :)

    as a poor student, it is the only way to get to this book for me ;)

    TIA! :)

  17. Awano says:

    I’m coming from the enterprise Java world and just started working on a small game to get a feeling of how it is. I’m using libGdx as it feels very natural for me.
    But while I know Java quite well, I understand game development code is very different from what we produce in the enterprise world. So I hope this book would help understanding what good practices should be used.

  18. jim says:

    I would like to honor this masterpiece, since I’am a Brazilian guy, with lucky I am very pleased with ebook. Thanks so much.

  19. Renan says:

    Thank you for the opportunity! I would love an ebook version.

  20. ad says:

    Well, after coding a game from scratch i try to learn libgdx now. With this great book (if it possible i prefer the ebook) it would be much easier to steep into the libgdx world.


  21. Ronald says:

    Well, well, letz think back. I have like 20 ideas for nice 2D games and then there is this awesome libgdx which has so much to offer. Hard to grasp everything at once. I would love to win a free copy, which will give me a push in the right direction.

    Dennoch klasse, dass es überhaupt ein Buch zu libgdx gibt. :-)

  22. Rhombus says:

    I accidentally unearthed an ancient evil that will consume humanity unless I construct the perfect game that will occupy its time for all eternity. And it must be multi-platform.

    Unfortunately, this means I don’t have time for the prolonged experimentation usually required to learn a framework like libgdx. A guiding hand would save all of humanity.

  23. Malik says:

    I’ve been programming for a few years now since I was 12. I’ve learned Python, Javascript, HTML, and Java, but all of them have done me no good.

    These languages are mostly used for the desktop with the exception of Java and today people are only interested in mobile apps.

    That’s why I want add libGDX to my arsenal and get my Java out of that dusty closet and put it to good use.

  24. programCpp says:

    Hav started developing cross platform games and would like to learn game development with libgdx.

  25. Thiên Cơ says:

    I am searching for a version of this book sothat I can read in my Kindle. I hope to master this game engine and develop an impressive game for mobile

  26. Arsa says:

    After lots of googling found this is a great book to learn libgdx. thank you

  27. runboy says:

    I like this book very much.

  28. Subhajit Roy says:

    In chapter 3 of the book. the debug controls are there only for desktop, how will it work in android , how do i move, select and zoom for android .

    It will be help full if you can help me

  29. Lyn says:

    I bought a copy of this book on Amazon,.. I got your game running. I have experience with AndEngine but LibGDX is faster and multiplatform.

    I managed to reuse most of the code (including transitions) in my own game. It’s almost finnished. It should be available this month (dec/2015).

    Thanks..! Your book is Awesome!

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