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Startup Problems & Crashes
Please try the following steps:
- Run the game without any other applications in the background
- Make sure your device storage space is not full
- Try to restart your device (turn it off and start it again)
- Check for game updates
- Check for system updates for your device
- Try to reinstall the game (Only as last resort. NOTE: This will irrevocably erase your game progress and all consumables.)

Is Facebook or Google+ required for your games?
Neither Facebook nor Google+ are required for any of our mobile games. For several reasons linking your game to a social media account is recommended however.

Signing in with Facebook or Google+ is a great way to connect with friends. They can follow your progress and you can compete for the highest ranking during your way through the game.

Unauthorised Purchases
Purchases are protected with your username and account password by your app store. You will be informed by a dialog window, that the next step is going to charge real money for your action. The only time this does not occur is when a user has already entered their password within the last 15 minutes.

Make sure your password is safe enough not to be guessed easily. A safe password may contain letters (case-sensitive), numbers and special characters (like AbC 123 #%§).

Unfortunately we have no control over refunds / purchases made through iTunes / Google Play. You will need to contact the Apple / Google support directly. Alternatively contact your bank and inform them about the purchases without your permission. They may be able to help.


Restoring Purchases
Purchases are linked to your Apple Store / Google Play ID (usually your login mail adress). You can easily restore non-consumable items in the option screen.

- Open the game and navigate to the options menu.
- Tap “Restore Purchases” and confirm.
- Your purchased (non-consumable) content should be available now.

Consumables cannot be restored using the method above. Please consider the following article for more information about in-app purchases/consumables:



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