app-icon-puzzycat-70x70“Do you enjoy puzzles? Do you like cats? Then you’ll love this game!”

Join a journey full of adventures!

Slip into the role of crumbs, the tomcat. Let the wise owl Hermes guide you through a magical, lovingly designed world with lots of exciting and challenging levels.

Meet cat friends and bring them together: Combine clever, use items skillfully and show up quick reactions in varied missions. Time after time you will make new discoveries during the course of the game!

A sugar-sweet game for young, the young-at-heart and all cat friends, naturally.

Puzzycat is FREE TO PLAY! Goldfishes (the ingame-currency) are available for payment, but you can also find goldfishes in the game.

Puzzycat features:

  • Catchy game play: Easily to learn, easily to handle
  • Lots of challenging levels
  • Master move-based levels with cleverness and tactics
  • …and time-based levels with concentration and quick reactions.
  • Items help you to master tricky levels
  • No Facebook required to beat the game
  • Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices
  • Cats, naturally. ♥


Game Screenshots

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Runs great on

Apple Devices
iPhone 3G
iPad 2
(or newer)
Android Devices
Android 4.0.3
(or newer)
Windows Phone Devices
Windows Phone 8.0
(or newer)

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