QuQu Qube


QuQu Qube“Did you ever ask yourself how many colors a human eye can differ?”

This simple game will challenge your color vision!

At first it looks just like a bunch of same colored cubes … but that’s a hasty conclusing! One cube has a different color! Can you find it?

Self-describing puzzle game: Easy to learn, hard to master!

This game is based on the internet hit “Kuku Kube” with beautiful effects, animations and other improvements.

Enjoy the game!

QuQu Qube features:

  • Catchy game play: Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Surprisingly challenging
  • Beautiful particle effects

Game Screenshots

Runs great on

Android Devices
Android 4.0.3
(or newer)
Windows Phone Devices
Windows Phone 8.0
(or newer)

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