The emerald way of gaming

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Gamerald - Spieleentwickler in Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg

Game Development in Germany

The emerald way of gaming

Gamerald is an independent game development studio based in Norderstedt near Hamburg (Germany).

Our team consists of highly ambitious people with a great long-time passion for games of pretty much any genre. Equipped with a rich pool of game design and development skills, never-ending enthusiasm, innumerable hours of gaming experience, and a determined strive for creating something new and fun – this really is what drives us to create games.

Puzzycat - Crumbs

Follow us on our journey!

Tired of wading through mediocre games on the app stores? Follow us to find the gems: Lovingly designed games with hand-drawn graphics and refreshing gameplay.

Just grab your smartphone and try one of our games…

Puzzycat - Crumbs


A puzzle game for cat friends

Follow the wise owl on silent cat paws into a great world of adventures. Slip into the role of Crumbs the tomcat and crack challenging puzzles. Meet his cat friends and bring them together. Combine cleverly, make quick decisions, and use items to your advantage to master all puzzles.

Mr. Lizard

Lizard-action on your smartphone

The action packed arcade-jungle-safari right in your pocket. Mister Lizard invites you to a ride into the depths of the prehistoric thicket. Defy breathtaking rollercoaster-like camera moves and be charmed by a lovingly designed fun game for kids and grown ups as well.

QuQu Qube

How good is your visual perception?

This evergreen classic game title will challenge your visual sense. A bunch of same-colored cubes on the first view… but one cube is different. Can you find it?

Canyon Bunny

Follow the rabbit to LibGDX

Follow the white rabbit into the world of game development. This demo jump-and-run game title was exclusively designed for the demonstration of the LibGDX-framework. It was released together with the book title „Learning LibGDX: Game Development“ by Andreas Oehlke…