The great, funny chase begins!

“It was our goal to create a fast reaction game – suitable for children and grownups as well.”

Dive into an enthralling, exciting hunt right on your screen! Mister Lizard invites you to a safari into the depths of the jungle – charged with prehistoric atmosphere. Hunt the lizards between densely plants, thickets and flowers. Feel the fascination of breathtaking, angry, rollercoaster-like camera moves. Be charmed by natural sounds of wild nature and twittering birds. A lovingly designed fun game awaits you, which knows to persuade kids as well as grown ups with a simple but ingenious arcade gameplay-experience.

Prove your reaction skills, fast fingers and your concentration in a reaction- and speed-game filled up with action and funny animations – right on your smartphone or tablet! Aim for the lizards, hit them fast and master the wild camera speed.

Solve missions, reach higher levels and beat the highscore! Collect precious lizard coins on your way to the top and use them to unlock upgrades and more game features. For example the Frost Lizard, which blows a cold blizzard over the game area that turns everything into ice.

Gain achievements during your missions to earn extra coins.

Face the Gold Lizard in higher difficulties – a quick, little dragon, which gives a special challenge to catch him.

Mr. Lizard offers beautifully designed graphics in HD quality, suitable for children.

We hope you will enjoy this amusing game as much as we do. Have fun!


  • Visual stunning reaction- and reflex game
  • Amazing fast camera moves
  • Challenging difficulty modes
  • Climb up the highscore ladder
  • Master challenging achievements
  • Play to collect Lizard Coins for upgrades and new powerups